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Chicken Raising 101

Over the last two years, Americans have re-evaluated food dependency and desired practical efforts to protect their family from food shortages.  Owning CHICKENS is one of the best ways to protect against food insecurity.  In our course, Chicken Raising 101,  you'll learn all the basics to successfully benefit from  a wonderful backyard animals that reduces tick populations, turns the soil, produces wonderful protein, and even enhances the yard.

Image by Jordan Whitt

In This Course, You'll Get:

-Hands-on interactions and demonstrations with chickens

-Learn chicken breeds, temperaments, and the best species for your yard.

-Basic anatomy and understanding the chicken digestive system

-Options for housing and protection from predators

-Starting off and caring for baby chicks

-Avoiding disease and avian sicknesses

-Maintaining egg production

-A list of everything you need to get started

-and more...

Course Fee:
$35 per person
Friday, April 1st
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm