When the Jarvis family left their suburban community and purchased a sixty-year old, four-acre estate, they had no idea what adventures were ahead.  They decided on raising chickens but knew they needed a dog for protection of the flock.  While researching the different breeds, they fell in love with the Great Pyrenees.  Little by little, through trial and error the farm has grown and evolved from providing food for just the Jarvis' to now sharing and selling some of their overflow.



In the summer of 2016, Makayla (age 14) worked on a horse farm where she earned $1000.  She wanted to know the best place to invest her money.  After discussing some options, she decided to put a portion of her earnings into raising chickens and selling the eggs.  Today, Makayla offers small quantities of multi-colored eggs from the farm.   Quantities range seasonally.

Eggs sell for $6.00 per 18- count.  $4.00 per dozen




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Tasty, Whole Chickens Now Available

Purchase Whole Chickens, Raised, Processed, & Sold on our Farm


In 2020, Jireh Family Farm chose to purchase a Black Angus steer, partner with other families, and to enjoy natural, non-hormone beef.  It was so amazing they did it again.  Now, the farm offers beef quarters seasonally, delivered right to you door.


Member 2019-2020

In early 2017, our family took a big step on the farm.  We purchased two baby piglets.  It only took seven months for them to exceed 400 pounds!  We processed them through a USDA plant, kept some pork and sold the rest to family and friends.  In November 2017, we did it again.  Now, you can get in on natural, farm-raised pork sold by the quarter.

Due to the Coronavirus' run on supplies, Jireh Family Farm is now offering:

Ground Pork

Hot Pork Breakfast Sausage

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