When we started our farm, we never thought to include pigs.   However two years later, we have come to appreciate these animals and steward them to provide healthy meat for the family.  We raise them in the woods which protects them from sunburn, allows them to eat underbrush, and offers a natural environment to play, rest, and turn the soil.  We only raise small groupings of pigs to eliminate smells and to better track their health.  Today, you can share in our abundance of pork.

Enjoy one pound pack of savory, spicy breakfast sausage.  Grown on natural feed in the woods, these happy pigs napped in the sun and scratched their back on large pine trees.  Happy pigs make great sausage.  Try some!



$7.00 1lb. pack

Ground pork is so versatile.   It can be used in Italian sauces, Mexican tacos, and European dishes.  Expand your culinary horizons with this all-natural, healthy meat.


$14.00 2lb. pack


Taste the Difference

Jireh Family Farm uses Cash App for online payments.  If you don't have the Cash App on your phone, text us at 919-627-1690.  When we invite you, you'll receive a one-time $5 credit.  (That's like FREE meat!)

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