Enjoy locally sourced, naturally raised chicken.  Average Cornish Cross birds will be 3.5-5 pounds.  Chickens will be processed and sold vacuumed-packed, ready for the dinner table.  Ready by July 4th, 2018.  Local pick-up. Limit (10) chickens.

Whole, Processed, Cornish Cross Chicken

  • These Cornish Cross chickens will be fed with DuMorr Poultry Chick Feed 20% started/grower feed that has no added antibiotics.  It is a 20% protein feed that supports weight gain and muscle development.  Chickens will be raised outside on the natural grass in chicken tractors.  The chicken tractors will be moved daily to promote foraging and fresh vegetation.  The chickens will be processed in 100 days here on the farm.  

  • Buyers must come to the farm to pick up meat.  All chickens will be vacuumed-packed whole then frozen unless buyer comes on-site during the butchering