Join Us for Chick Days 2021


Spring is HERE! Add or begin your own backyard flock with prolific egg producers.  Jireh Family Farm will offer Golden Comets, Black Sexlinks, and Americanas @ $6 each.  Discount applies with purchases over 10 birds.


Learn about the birds

Widely acclaimed in the poultry industry where brown eggs are preferred Golden Comets ($6 each) are one of the finest brown egg layers available today. They mature early and are a quiet bird. Comets are quite robust and can withstand the colder, non-insulated laying houses.  Golden Comet produce 300+ large to extra large brown eggs per year.

Black Sex Links ($6 each) are a barnyard staple. This breed is very much dual purpose. Roosters carry a heavy body while hens are great egg producers. Females are solid black with a reddish cast in the face, neck, and chest. Black Sex Link produce 300+ large brown eggs per year.


Also known as Easter Egger because of the variety of colored eggs they lay.  Americanas ($6 each) come in many colors and sizes and have a good disposition. Many of these birds have muffs and beards and all have full tails. They are great backyard birds but not recommended for showing.

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Sunday thru Friday, 9 am - Sundown

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9:00 am – Sundown

Jireh Family Farm, LLC.

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