Upcoming Classes & Events

As our farm expands, more and more opportunities are being offered to educate and inspire folks to experience the joys of farm-to-table products.  We hope you join us during our summer and fall months for some of our events.

Pronounciation of JIREH (Juh-i-rah)

Take a look at our 2022 events.

Hand-raised, Small Batch Turkey Pre-Sales

Due to overwhelming requests, Jireh Family Farm will offer 2022 Thanksgiving Day turkeys to the public.  We only have (30) pasture-raised turkeys available.  Orders will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Reserve yours while they are available.

Thanksgiving Dinner
FALL FESTIVAL @ Mystic Distillery, October 8th

Our awesome nextdoor neighbors at Mystic Distillery have offered to host a Fall Festival featuring the animals from Jireh Family Farm.  Taste artisan bourbon, gin, vodka, and rum made right here in Durham, NC, grab a tasty treat from the food trucks, and spend time in the petting enclosure with the goats, rabbits, and chickens.  A family-friendly event.

African Storytelling & Dinner, October 30th

As our 2022 Farm to Table Summer Series comes to an end, our

last dinner will highlight the savory flavors of West Africa.  Beninian 

spices will be incorporated in a multiple-course meal all the while 

featuring seasonal produce and local foods.  You won't want to

miss it.

African StoryTelling & Dinner.png