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Local farm meats and egg sales | Jireh Family Farm | Durham, NC 27703


As our farm expands, more and more opportunities are being offered to educate and inspire folks to experience the joys of farm-to-table products.  We hope you join us during our summer and fall months for some of our events.

Our 2023 Program Schedule

Herbal Medicine-Making Class, Friday, October 13th
Are you looking to make natural homeopathic medicine using natural ingredients found in your own kitchen?  Well, look no further!  In this class, we'll discuss several fun and intensive methods of medicine-making, including herbal teas and tinctures.
Herbal Medicine-Making_edited.jpg
BBQ Smoking Session: 101, Sunday, October 15th
Jireh Family Farm is collaborating with a local pitmaster, Nate Figaro with 80/20 Creole. Chef Figaro will conduct an on-farm BBQ Smoking Session featuring  JFF chicken. After the class, participants will partake in a farm-to-table meal featuring Creole-style BBQ chicken and authentic Louisianna sides.
BBQ Chicken Smoking Class | Jireh Family Farm | Durham, NC 27703
Sunday Supper, Sunday, November 5th
Come on out the the last outdoor farm-to-table dinner of 2023. Jireh Family Farm will pull out all the stops as they prepare a hearty, multi-course affair with proteins directly from their farm.  The topic of discussion will be on LEGACY FARMING: Holding on to agricultural heritageYou won't want to miss it.
Local meats, Farm to Table Dinner | Jireh Family Farm | Durham NC 27703
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