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Journey with the Nurse Who Farms

So for those of you interested in joining me, I am so excited! You may ask “What type of journey are you taking?” Well, I like adventure and I’ve learned to take a few risks in life but this journey is one of much urging. I love God and I love people and I have begun to learn the value and importance of my story. For years, I wasn’t sure what I was to do with my life of unique hardships, pains, and triumphs. I’ve worked through much grief and heartache over the years. I didn't quite understand how God could use my vastly opposite interests.

Several years ago I was prompted to do a book study called “To be Told” by Dan Allender. It was the hardest book I ever tried to read…… It was so hard that I actually asked friends to join me in a book study and several ladies came to my house for several weeks to help me get through this book. Well.. I don’t think I officially finished the book but I did the portion I think I was supposed to do in that season. It was the most painful yet rewarding book I've ever read. I probably cried a jar full of tears along the way however looking back it gave me courage, drive, and understanding of who I am. During this time, I also began to understand how all of my past experiences were intersecting.

I grew up in the country playing in the dirt and touching the land. I watched my family grow food. For years, it seemed we only really ate what we grew. Although my parents did less of this as time went by, a seed was planted. My path took me into the healthcare field due to my grandmother’s illness but I did come full circle due to my brother’s cancer. He introduced me to the study of food and it’s correlation to disease. As a registered nurse, this journey of food and healthcare opened my eyes to see things quite differently. I began to study a lot and pray for true understanding. I read and studied processed foods, chemicals and farming practices that can have effects on the body and lead to disease. I now have a broader understanding of medicine, food, and nutrition. I always heard the phrase “ We are what we eat.” Indeed, finally I’ve come to agree with the conclusion but there is so much more to the story. So many elements that go into creating a healthy body and environment. Numerous factors come into play when we speak of health and wellness. A clear whole picture of food, environmental factors, genetic factors, and lifestyle have come into focus over the past 2-3 years.

So this is my journey. To help myself, family, and others to find health and wellness. This year I intend to post more about herbs for better health and overall wellness. I hope to share my herbalist training through herbal consultations, materia medica postings (study of plants- specifically their medicinal purposes and uses), blogs about farming, lifestyle, and whatever God might be teaching me in a particular season. I invite you to join, read, like, comment and please come visit the farm. Also, find me at my personal website: or at the farms website:

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