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The seasons

On this late summer evening just before the turn of fall, I reflect on the past followed by the upcoming season. As the sun approaches setting for the evening, there is coolness in the air that reminds one of the change that is coming. Immediately, the things and people I am thankful for wades to the top of my reflection. As I get older, I long for simplicity. Although life is quite complex it's also quite simple. It's in the simple things that we grow and experience more of the nature of God. I admit, I don’t like change however I am learning that we must flow with the season. When we flow with the seasons and the natural rhythms of creation, we thrive and have the ability to reach our greatest potential. Each season brings new life as we cycle through the year. Let's take a quick look at the seasons.

Winter- our calendar year begins in the winter. This month is full of short days. It is a season of restfulness and planning. Be careful that we take the time to rest during this season. Go to bed early as it gets dark early. Seeds and plant life are dormant ( as are most animal life- fewer births, many store up for this season.) This season is not a season of hard labor however planning is ideal. Also when I think of creation in the book of Genesis, God created man and then he rested first and then began to work. Genesis 1

Spring- One of my favorite seasons. The seeds and plant life are waking up and begin to sprout. I think of it as a ramping up. The projects and plans are beginning but not yet in full swing. This is a season of days gradually getting longer and in most areas the temperature slowing increasing. Begin to plant the seeds you’ve gathered or planned during the winter season.

Summer- This is the season of hard labor and long hours. The sun is bright, plant life is flowering and in full bloom. It's time to push hard and work for longer hours for the fruit will come in time.

Autumn/Fall- Its time to begin to wind down and for us to begin to slow down. The days are getting gradually shorter. The leaves are changing colors as a visual cue to adjust. It's time to do our final preparations to prepare for the season of rest. Collect the final harvest and prep for our season of rest.

Farming has been an incredible reminder for me regarding heeding the seasons. We need seasons of rest in our lives. But we also need seasons of giving 110%. As we approach and step into fall take some time to slow down and reflect on the year. What have you accomplished? What areas need improvement? How can I prepare for a season of rest as Winter approaches? And finally make some preparations to rest this winter.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I am so appreciative for all who support our farm and encourage us on a regular basis.

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