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Fundamentals of Good Health Part 1: Cleanse

As I think about healthy living, I have come to learn that there are 5 distinct fundamentals that have a direct impact on our health.






As I think about these five elements, many we put to the back burner as we live our busy lives. We don’t always have (or make the time) to ensure that we have each of these elements to be “clean”. Over the next few weeks, I plan to write about each of these areas in a little detail. My goal is to encourage, educate and to give you resources to help you get to better health.

So for many years, I did not know the importance of cleansing our inner bodies, particularly the intestinal tract (colon). With study I have learned that this is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. If we have a build up of stool (uneliminated waste)in our colon and/or the wrong (bad) bacteria in our intestines our bodies can not absorb that vitamins and nutrients from the food that we eat effectively. Fiber is imperative for our bowel tract to process our food. Unfortunately, with the way many foods are processed to maintain shelf life fiber is decreased. Also, many of us eat fewer vegetables because of our busy schedules resulting in eating out frequently. I must also mention that food additives can affect our intestinal tract as well. We don’t always realize all the additive in our food. I would encourage you to read food labels more often.

Did you know that we can have a build up of 40-60 pounds of stool waste in our intestinal lining that we never eliminate? This makes our system sluggish and absorbing nutrients from the foods we eat much harder. They say a healthy intestinal tract will eliminate waste after each meal. No, not immediately of course, as it takes time to digest the food. So, Do you have 3 bowel movements a day? If you’re like most of us maybe it’s time to do a colon cleanse. There are many types. Particularly, if you have struggled with constipation, I would recommend a good 14 day all natural cleanse. I recommend CleanStart 14 day cleanse.You can order online at

If you get the free membership to Natures Shine, you will get this product at a cost savings.

Feel free to contact me with questions.

Valarie Jarvis

wife, Mother, Farmer, Nurse, advocate for better health

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